• St Catherine’s Church

    St Catherine’s Church

  • “Kurċifiss” – Gian Nikol Buhagiar

    “Kurċifiss” – Gian Nikol Buhagiar

  • Panel of the Madonna of the Circumcision

    Panel of the Madonna of the Circumcision

  • Church of Saint Mary “tal-Ħlas”

    Church of Saint Mary “tal-Ħlas”

  • Church of St Nicholas

    Church of St Nicholas

Welcome to the Żejtun Religious Heritage Trail website.

The Zejtun Heritage Trail draws together both the past and recent history of the ‘Old Parish of St. Catherine’. The history of ‘Zejtun’ is not confined solely to the boundaries of today’s parish, but rather to a larger zone covering the East and South East of Malta. Archaeology proves that this land was among the first to host the earliest settlers, progressively developing into ancient Zejtun – an agglomeration of agricultural zones and hamlets, a number of which no longer form part of today’s parish. The heritage trail meanders through medieval narrow streets towards the Parish Church known as the Cathedral of the South; it’s Museum of religious heritage and terminates at the ancient church of Saint Gregory.